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Studio Rental

The Kensington Studio

The Kensington Studio is an exclusive, vibrant personal training space, where we strive to maintain the integrity of our original vision to provide professional and results-oriented training services in an unique environment. As we have created a successful culture it is important to selectively allow only the best trainers to have access to our studios.

Studio hire or rental for personal trainers

We have a limited number of spaces available for personal trainers of the highest standard to train their own clients in our studios. If you believe you have the attributes we are looking for, please contact us for further information regarding personal training studio rental or hire.


Part time rental

  • 1 hour session – £30
  • 5 x 1 hour sessions – £125
  • 10 x 1 hour sessions – £200

Full time rental

  • £1250 per month
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