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Trainers – Izzy

Izzy Abbott

With an advanced diploma in personal training and qualifications in pad work, suspension fitness and high intensity interval training (HIIT), Izzy is an enthusiastic and passionate trainer dedicated to delivering fun and upbeat sessions to her clients. She believes best results can be obtained through a combination of HIIT and strength training and emphasises the importance of focusing on mobility to ensure the body is moving in most effective way. Her use of small circuits keeps sessions interesting and helps to maintain high motivation levels.
Izzy is a keen sportswoman with particular interests in snowboarding and water sports; surfing, sea kayaking and diving. She is interested in sports specific training methods and is always keen to learn new techniques to enhance her performance.
Izzy takes great satisfaction in challenging her clients; pushing them beyond their boundaries and seeing their confidence improve and achieving goals they didn’t think were possible.
“I am most happy when I am doing something exhilarating; I live by the mantra of doing one thing that scares you every day and I often find myself pushing past what I thought were my limits. I like to encourage my clients to step out of their own comfort zones, whatever they may be and discover their true capabilities.”

My husband, Andrew, and I have been working out with Izzy on a weekly basis for over 5 months. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, given her high levels of energy, positivity and enthusiasm.
Our workouts are varied; Izzy comes up with something new every week, and designed to push us while recognising our physical limits.
I was slightly anxious about working with a personal trainer one-on-one thinking someone so fit might judge me for being so out of shape, but Izzy is really non-judgmental and very supportive. She has a way of motivating me to push myself without being aggressive or over the top. She knows what she is doing! After day one all of my worries were gone and I just focus on doing what is suggested and recommended.
We would 100% recommend Isabella to anyone looking to improve their fitness!
Thank You Izzy!

Erika and Andrew

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