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Team Profiles

No matter what your goals, commitment and consistency is the key to achieving them. A member of our team will dedicate their time to make sure you achieve your desired results.

Meet the team…

James Stewart

With over eight years of experience as a personal trainer and business owner in Australia, James specialises in providing high quality physical training to both companies and individuals. He recognises that people are different and his approach is tailored to accommodate the specific needs of each person. He is driven to coach, motivate, and educate his clients to develop a greater balance and flexibility in their lives through not only exercise but also other facets of health.

Through a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning, which derive from a history in competitive rugby league and rugby union, James brings this together with his ongoing motivation and support to create a positive environment in which improvements to both your mind and body, and therefore your overall health, can be made.

“Coaching my clients to transform their health through smarter nutritional choices and exercise habits, while building strong relationships, is something that I am very grateful to be doing.”

James has to be one of the best trainers in Brisbane (Australia). What differentiates James from others is his ability to understand what drives you to get up early in the morning and go to the gym. James is an experienced trainer and provides sessions with lots of variety and fun. He is also a super bloke and gets on really well with my wife and I!

Hugh Walsh

I have known James in a personal capacity for a long time now and have also engaged him for his fitness knowledge both as a personal trainer of mine for many years, and also to tap into his knowledge & expertise when needed in a more informal capacity. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about his chosen profession which is a great trait to have in motivating other people achieving their fitness/life goals. James, in my experience is all about holistic fitness solutions involving nutrition, exercise and other key aspects of the total health solution!

Stephen Tung

My wife and I first engaged James in 2011 when we realised our health and weight goals were not being met. By making a regular twice a week appointment with him over the past few years we have increased and then maintained a great level of fitness allowing us both to live our hectic lives to the fullest of our potential. He is incredibly personable but tough when required just what you need in a personal trainer.

Gio Silanesu

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