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Improving your swing

Posted on: May 28th, 2013 by thekensingtonstudio

With summer approaching, more and more people will be venturing out into the sunshine to indulge in a round or two of golf. Before you dust off the clubs, you can start incorporating some exercises in your usual gym routine in preparation for a summer on the green.

As a golfer, it is important to focus on rotation exercises and building up power and strength in the core, legs, hips and back. Despite appearances, the energy from your golf swing does not stem from your arms but rather your core power.

Although it is important to increase the size and strength of certain muscles in the body, too much strength training can actually hinder your progress. It is equally important to focus on improving flexibility and mobility to improve your game.

To increase strength in the back, perform exercises such as chin-ups, inverted rows, weighted rows and deadlifts.

inverted row
An inverted row


For your lower body, perform squats, lunges, split squats, glute bridges and resistance band walks.

band walk
Lateral band walks


To increase your flexibility while rotating, incorporate seated medicine ball rotations, rotational cable chest presses, low to high medicine ball rotations, and side planks with a reach over and under.

med ball rotation
Medicine ball rotations


You can also perform a modified golf backswing while holding a light medicine ball. Hold a medicine ball at chest height, with elbows pointed to the side. Rotate as if you were making a backswing, keeping your legs steady and extending your arms slightly. Return to centre, and then repeat alternating between sides.



Perform three of the above rotational exercises two to three times per week, completing three sets of 15 repetitions. For the lower body and back-targeted exercises, complete three to four sets of 8-12 repetitions once per week.

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