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It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by thekensingtonstudio

Surround yourself by people that lift you higher – today an interview with Steve Mongey, director of the Kensington Studio, personal trainer for the last 10 years and someone who 100% practices what he preaches.

When I say ‘eating healthy’ what does that mean to you?
To me eating healthy means eating real, whole foods. The saying I live by is: ‘ if you can kill it or grow it you can eat it’.
The last time I looked I didn’t see many big macs hanging from a tree.

Why do you eat the way you do?
I always want to perform at my highest level and the way I fuel myself is a massive part of that. If you put diesel in a petrol car how long before that car breaks down? It’s the same with our own motors, if you don’t fuel yourself right you’ll be spending most of your time in the garage getting repaired.


Can you explain why you prefer to eat 6 amount of meals a day rather than the traditional 3 meals and a few snacks?
I eat a hell of a lot so if I was to eat only three meals a day to get me through each sitting would be a 2 hour event. I would also be so full I wouldn’t be able to do anything but sleep for the 2 hours after my meal. So I eat consistently throughout the day and keep topping up my fuel levels.

How long does it take you to prepare your meals for the day?
I have a pretty good system by cooking a few meals at a time. For my 6 meals a day i can get it all done in around 45mins.

Does your girlfriend enjoy eating healthy as much as you do?
Yes she does. She is a vegetarian so she doesn’t eat the same as me but it is great to have someone alongside me who understands the importance of healthy eating and has the same healthy desires as I do.


Do you ever find it hard to stick to your diet?
When I am away it is more of a challenge. If you are staying with other people and they are cooking for you its pretty rude to turn down their food – if they ask what I would like I don’t mind telling them. I take food with me where ever possible.

People always use the money as a reason for why they aren’t eating healthier, what is your opinion on this?
It is sad that eating healthily does cost you more money but I think in the long run you get that money back. If you eat healthy you are sick less often, have more energy and your brain works better. This way you can be better at your job, earn more and pay for that amazing steak!

What do you think is the number one key to your success?

Have you always been interested in eating healthy, always having been into sports?
When I was younger I had no idea what healthy eating was but over the years my knowledge has improved and so has my performance. Sometimes I wish I was eating like this 20 years ago but I’m happy to be healthier and fitter now then I have ever been.

Do you eat ‘cheatmeals?’
Yes. I do like a bar of nutty chocolate now and again but I limit it to one a week.

Do you find people judge your eating style?
For sure. The best comments are when people say its such a shame I live my life this way. Their thinking is its better to poison your body. Its funny that people have no problem judging you and telling you so.
87a30026fc926b9bb95c3d653caef8dbWhat tip would you give to people just starting out trying to get in better shape, improve their health?
Give it time. Do not expect it to come to you over night. You have been living your life a certain way for a long time so its going to take time for your body to adjust to your new lifestyle. Keep working at it everyday and you will see the results you want in time.

What’s your absolute favourite healthy meal?
Got to be a big old steak!

What’s you absolute favourite ‘fun’ meal?
Some BBQ ribs always get the mouth watering.

Any final words? Tips? Quotes?
Eating healthy is still eating. I hear a lot of people say they eat really well and when I ask them what do you eat? they tell me it’s a salad and soup. Cutting out unhealthy foods and not replacing them with healthy options is not eating healthily.
Also make sure you are eating your good fats. Fat is not the enemy sugar is.
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