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Know your body type

Posted on: June 25th, 2014 by thekensingtonstudio


Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

It is important to understand your body whether it comes to its’ genes, likes and dislikes, adaptations, and how it responds to different factors. There is no such thing as one way to lose weight or gain muscle. All bodies are different and this is just one of the many ways to group body types. This does not mean if you are one type then you will always be skinny or over weight. Using this knowledge can help alter your goals and find what is best for you body and your happiness.

Ectomorph Characteristics:

Naturally thing
Low Body Fat %
Small Bone Size
High Metabolism
Small Amount of Muscle Mass/Size
Bones are light in weight, small joints, underdeveloped muscles, long limbs, and shoulders tend to droop downward
Flat Chest
Small shoulders

They usually find that…

Not a natural athlete
Muscle takes extra effort to obtain
Often part of endurance related sports (cross country, cycling)
High Metabolism means a lot of food consumption (carbs)

Mesomorph Characteristics:

Muscle Definition
Large Bones
Long and Thin Torso
Prominent Face Structure (cheek bones and jaw)

They usually find that…

Natural Athletes
Known for “good genetics” in fitness world
Able to hold muscle tissue they build while losing fat
Can have a high calorie diet as long as they stay active
Don’t need to consume as many calories as an “ectomorph” because the metabolism is slower
Medio core metabolism and rugged structure which is great for sports like football, bodybuilding, and other physical sports

Endomorph Characteristics:

Mass concentrated in the abdominal area
Shorter limbs gives a huskier look
Usually have smaller looking hands and feet, as well as, the upper arm and legs look more developed then the bottom half

They usually find that…

Not athletes
Large part of weight is body fat
“Short end of the stick” when it comes to genetics
Have to watch what they consume, can build muscle and fat easily but find it harder to lose
Usually prefer a leaner look, to do this endomorphs should consume low fats and sweets and increase protein intake
Can be beneficial to eat more frequent smaller meals throughout the day to speed up the (already slow) metabolism and avoid storing excess body fat

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