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Choosing the right personal trainer

Posted on: March 26th, 2013 by thekensingtonstudio

In our last blog post, we told you how to study to become a personal trainer and what your options are once getting certified. However, what makes a good personal trainer? What should clients look for when hiring a trainer, and how should prospective trainers go about marketing themselves?

Unfortunately, the ease of gaining a personal training certification means that there are a lot of terrible trainers in operation. However, there are a few characteristics one can look for when it comes to determining whether or not a trainer is skilled and competent:

  1. Education: Ideally, choose a trainer that has an Exercise Science Degree. Not all of the best trainers have degrees, but the ones that do generally have a better understanding of what they are doing. Furthermore, due to the greater time investment required, trainers with degrees are not in the industry to only make a quick buck like some others may be.
  2. Assessments: During your initial consultation and at regular intervals going forward, your trainer should assess your strength levels, cardiorespiratory capabilities, posture and flexibility. They should also take your girth measurements to track physical progress. How can a trainer promise results if they are not doing anything to measure them? During the initial assessment, you should feel as though the trainer is really taking the time to listen to your reasons for being there.
  3. Periodisation: Successful trainers will create training programs for you targeted towards achieving specific goals. These programs can vary in length from weeks to months and typically involve peaking of either strength or physique. Each exercise, repetition range and tempo should be chosen with a specific purpose – which your trainer should be able to explain if asked.
  4. Outside Accountability: Effective trainers should be there for you all the time, and not just during the one or two sessions you see them per week. They should be checking up on you to make sure you are eating healthy throughout the week and completing your solo workouts, and they should respond to any queries you have within a reasonable timeframe. It is their job to keep you on track and motivated.
  5. Personal Development: A good trainer should always be trying to improve their knowledge by reading industry textbooks, attending workshops or completing additional certifications. They should also use discretion when it comes to applying their new-found knowledge and not throw every new workout technique into your next session.
  6. Results: A successful trainer should have something to show for it. Any good trainer should be able to produce a number of client success stories, including photographs of body transformations. A trainer can promise to deliver results, but unless they already have a number of satisfied customers, their word means nothing.

If you need help finding a good personal trainer, please get in touch with the Kensington Studio. We will match you with an appropriate trainer to achieve your goals.

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