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Ask the Trainer – Jonny Osborne

Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by thekensingtonstudio


How did you start working in fitness?
I worked a wide range of different jobs from security to care to software but just never felt that my heart was in it. I wanted to help people and always had a keen interest in exercise and nutrition.

After completing my training at premier I went to work at kx gym in Chelsea as a fitness advisor where I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I then proceeded to work at the studio alongside this on my off days which I have been doing now for the past 5 years.

What’s your personal philosophy?
To make others feel better about themselves and give them more confidence.
To take each level of progression as big step in the right direction and to stay focused and on track.

What keeps people from reaching their goal?
Inconsistency and impatience will hinder you greatly.
In some cases motivation comes from the wrong place.
I often hear people saying ‘oh my wife wants me to get in shape’ or my friends bought me these sessions to help me lose weight.
At the end of the day -if you don’t want to achieve these goals personally then it’s not going to happen.

What makes a good trainer?
Someone who practices what they preach and is constantly trying to improve their knowledge and skills. The thing about this industry is that everything constantly evolves -if you don’t keep up then you can’t expect to offer anything special to your clients.

Eat, sleep, train – pick the most important one?
Nutrition – the saying you can’t out-train a bad diet is so true.
The individuals who can eat whatever they want and still keep and very low body fat percentage are extremely lucky and very rare. So don’t compare yourself with these guys.

Which of these 3 do you struggle with the most?
Sleep – being a full time fire fighter as well as personal trainer I have to work night shifts which means I lose 2 nights of sleep per week. Grabbing a power nap when I can is invaluable.

If you could go back in time what would you tell yourself when you started your career?
I wish I’d done it earlier but I believe that you learn from every experience and that gives you greater appreciation for what you have and do. I never find myself begrudging going into work. I would tell myself to keep an open mind and continue to develop both physically and mentally. Attend seminars and constantly pick the brains of those more experienced and wiser.

What does your workout regime look like?
Minimum of 4 sessions per week through cycles of accumulation and intensification phases.
Accumulation focuses more on muscle building whereas the intensification focuses on maximal strength. I love trying out new systems and protocols!
After all, how can you prescribe a killer program to someone if you haven’t tried it yourself?

Favourite meal?
Really difficult to narrow it down to just one as I love all food but i find it hard to beat a good steak.

3 best exercises:
Military press, squat and incline bench press

What advice would you give someone just starting out on their healthy lifestyle?
• Have a solid nutrition and training program, be patient and keep at it.
• Always keep records of your workouts to monitor your progression.
Most smart phones have a notepad which you can jot down your poundage. However, if you can’t stay off Facebook for 5 minutes then keep your phone in your locker and use a simple notepad and pen.
• Take regular pictures of yourself and assess your progress. Scales can be misleading and de-motivating.
• Allow yourself something to ‘train into’
In other words, do not use up all the weapons in your arsenal within the first few weeks.
For example; going low carb, whilst low calorie and doing 2 weights sessions each day topped off with sprints 4 times per week.
Not only will you burn out but where do you go after that?
• Have a goal to work towards like an event or competition.

‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.’ – Thomas A. Edison

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