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Is it really worth it?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by thekensingtonstudio

Six pack abs, a teeny tiny waist – we all like to fantasize about looking like a cover model.
Whether you prefer the look of the fitness or fashion models (this goes for both men and women) – we can all agree these people have some very impressing physiques!

We’ve posted about using the SMART method when it comes to goal setting before on the blog.
Today we want to go a little deeper into the ‘realistic’ part of goal setting.

When a client decides on hiring a personal trainer they often have a very specific goal in mind.
Lose X amounts of pounds in X amount of time have a body like Kelly Rippa or Hugh Jackman, gain X amount of strength.
As trainer it is our job to help you adjust this goal to one that it is more realistic and suited for you, your body type and your lifestyle.

I often get surprised looks when I say that for most people it’s simply not worth it to have six pack abs!


We get to see the shiny, polished pictures in the magazines, the beautiful bodies in the video and we all gawk and might even feel a hint of jealousy. Gosh, if only I looked like that!
What we don’t get to see is the level of commitment it takes to look like this – one most highly underestimate.

Looking into the life of a typical (fitness) model or fitness competitor you will find them working out 6-7 days a week. Often double sessions, one focused on lifting weights to sculpt those lean arms and then there’s the cardio to burn the fat.
Now let’s get into the diet. There are a few people out there blessed with a speedy metabolism that maintain a lean physique quite easily – that’s the lucky few though, for the rest of them life is being on a diet 365 days a year. (Ok maybe 350..)


Now I can hear you think, I could go on a diet – it would be worth it to look like that!
This is where I would have to disagree and any good trainer would tell you that although they can definitely get you to your absolute best possible physique (when you commit yourself to the plan that is) BUT that those abs are most likely not going to be something you’ll easily maintain long term.

A sample diet of a fitness model taken from
Meal 1: Egg whites, oatmeal and blueberries
Meal 2: Chicken breast, broccoli and sweet potato
Meal 3: Tilapia, brown rice, asparagus and almonds
Meal 4: Yams, green beans and lean turkey
Meal 5: Chicken, Spinach and a salad

Now this is just a typical diet and one model isn’t the next – but you will find most of them eating a diet quite similar to this. Closer to a photo shoot or event carbs will get dropped to a near minimum to make sure to the body fat goes down even lower.

Every meal is prepped in advance to make sure there is 100% diet compliance.
Meal prep, your food scale and Tupperware will be your best friend from now one.
Spontaneously grabbing a bite with friends? Unlikely.
Skipping family gatherings to avoid good food temptation and to make sure to get in your cardio? Very likely.

My question to you: do you think a lifestyle like this is something that you enjoy?

Make sure to keep your fitness goals manageable and realistic – it’s good to be passionate and to make health a priority – it’s another thing when it restricts you from enjoying many other facets in life.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle should ADD pleasure to your life, not substract.

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