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The Kensington Studio

Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better

  • Look Better: Achieve a lower body fat with improved definition
  • Feel Better: Attain greater vitality and health
  • Perform Better: Excel in sport, work, and life

An approach where no foods are off limits.

When it comes to healthy eating why is something that should be so simple, so hard?
The advertisement of food is a minefield of misinformation and with so much conflicting advice it’s very easy to feel discouraged.
How many fad diets have you tried that made you feel deprived, hungry and grumpy only for you to throw in the towel with an all out binge (on foods you don’t even usually like?).
Fat loss is a hot topic, out of every 100 people in England 36 are overweight, 27 are obese and 3 are morbidly obese.
All this while fat-loss pills, shakes and teas are flying off the shelves at a higher rate than ever before.

Contrary to what the diet and fitness industry have made you believe:

  • You do not have to starve yourself or cut out entire food groups to improve your health and reach your aesthetic goals.
  • You do not have to live off a set meal plan.
  • You do not have to eat separately from your family.
  • You do not have to kiss your social life goodbye.

Yes you read that right; you can reach your goal and still meet a friend for a nice meal – you just need the right tools!

Working with our in-house nutritionist you will learn how to make your diet fit your lifestyle, not the other way round.
Whether you eat absolutely everything and anything, are suffering from an allergy or sensitivity or if you choose to exclude animal protein from diet; we are here to teach you how to eat well once and for all.

Our philosophy is that behavioural coaching is as important for long lasting results as is educating you on your personal nutritional needs.

We will work on improving your digestion, energy and if necessary we’ll coach you to improve your relationship with food.


If you’re an active individual you need a lot more calories than the 1200 calorie diet your favourite celebrity advocates, you might have been under eating for years!

Perhaps you’ve been enjoying a calories-don’t-matter-just-eat-real-food approach yet still haven’t achieved your ideal physique.

  • Are you dealing with headaches, acne, or low energy?
  • Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease, emotional or stress eating?
  • Perhaps you are actually struggling to gain weight and lean muscle?

These are some of the areas our nutritionist can you help with. They can help you find a way of eating that is right for you.

Nutrition plays a big role in our health and has been scientifically proven to heal our bodies from a range of diseases.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Hippocrates

To start your journey we’ll ask you to keep a food journal and we’ll go through an extensive questionnaire so we can collect as much information as necessary: the more we know, the better we can help.

Our coaching programme includes weekly meetings with the nutritionist to discuss your progress, take your measurements and coach you on whatever topic you need help with on your journey.
This may include meal preparation, eating out, how to include alcohol in a fat loss / maintenance diet, how to eat well with an allergy, how to best fuel up for your workout and how to recover, food fears, binge eating.. we have experience in coaching you on all this and more!

Have a look at our packages, pick up the phone and start the road to your new SANE lifestyle today.


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