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Team Profiles

No matter what your goals, commitment and consistency is the key to achieving them. A member of our team will dedicate their time to make sure you achieve your desired results.

Meet the team…

Amber Krol­­­­

Amber’s interest in fitness didn’t peak until her late teens when she discovered how much moving made her feel better, not just physically but also mentally. While initially finding pleasure in yoga and distance running, she found her true passion in the weights room and competed in a UKBFF bikini competition in May 2015. Her aim is to show that lifting weights is not just for bodybuilders and powerlifters – it is for every man and woman looking to feel fitter, stronger and achieve the physique they desire.

‘There’s nothing that feels quite as exhilarating as pushing yourself beyond where you think you can go. I live for that feeling’

Amber believes that with hard work, anything is possible. She loves to motivate her clients, taking them to the next level by performing that extra rep or running that little bit faster. You will be amazed at what your body is capable of.

Amber is also our in-house nutritionist. She specializes in fat-loss, increased energy, digestion issues and auto-immune disease.

As a forty something mother of two, I thought that being overweight was unavoidable. It just came with the territory. Before you judge me too harshly, you need to understand that I had tried everything, from Weight Watchers to far too many different diets (In fact, I can’t even remember all of their names!). Then I met Amber, and her approach was completely different. She designed a flexible nutrition plan that fitted my life. She also helped me curb my emotional eating by getting rid of all my bad eating habits and replacing them, one by one, with healthier ones.  In short, she listened. One year down the line, and not only have I lost two stone, but I now do the occasional modelling shoot and have taken up long-distance running again, after a twenty-year gap. It was in me, and Amber made it happen. I highly recommend her holistic and no-nonsense approach, and regret not to have met her a few years ago!

Muriel Demarcus

Having had a sporadic relationship with exercise, Amber is the first trainer to ignite my passion for fitness and more importantly, to help me maintain it.
She has a broad knowledge, coupled with an extensive background in nutrition.
Every session is fun and different but always with a focus on my personal goals.
She also happens to be one of the most inspirational people I’ve met, which all adds up to a very impressive service!

Susan Wogan

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