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Team Profiles

No matter what your goals, commitment and consistency is the key to achieving them. A member of our team will dedicate their time to make sure you achieve your desired results.

Meet the team…

Brook Paparella

Brook’s career as a personal trainer started in Australia when he discovered that health, sports and fitness were his passion and that he ardently wished to pass it on to other people around him. Now after 7 years experience in this field in both Australia and the UK, Brook’s core idea is to help people achieve their long-term goals by making training fun and interesting.

His exercise programmes are personally designed and prove to be various and highly effective. Brook holds Australian Certificate for Personal Training, Rehabilitation Certificate and CPR. His areas of specialization include weight loss, core strength and functional training, general fitness and resistance training.

“I am 25, but have always struggled keeping my body in shape–I’ve tried multiple diets and a few different personal trainers, however, none worked long-term. I would lose weight and look better but at the price of feeling tried and fatigued. Before I met Brook I had almost come to terms with the idea of being fit as something unattainable to me. The first few months were difficult but enjoyable, and I really like Brook’s academic approach to exercise–he is always prepared and thinks ahead. As a result I have lost 14kg of body fat. My “chicken arms” are now muscular, my legs and core are way stronger, and I cannot believe how my own shoulders and back look now. I started off barely able to do one full pushup and now I can do 100 and more a day. Brook introduced me to a vegan diet which did not only help me lose weight, but also be happier and fight depression. Overall, I could not ask for a better trainer.” – Jonas
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