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Team Profiles

No matter what your goals, commitment and consistency is the key to achieving them. A member of our team will dedicate their time to make sure you achieve your desired results.

Meet the team…

Steve Mongey

Steve is a sports specific expert. He has played sport at a high level and has represented Great Britain. His passion for pushing his own personal performance led him to studying sports performance. Steve specializes in golf and athletics, if you want to lower your handicap or personal best time, Steve can get you there. Steve is also an expert in weight loss and knee injury rehabilitation.

“I want to help people achieve their goals and make a change in their lives. You can be fit, healthy and lean and I can give you the tools to get you there”

Steve has helped clients get their bodies into tip top condition and find new levels of performance for over 15 years.

Contact Steve:

“Steve is clearly knowledgeable, having very much practised everything he preaches, and for me, that was a really important requirement in a personal trainer, particularly given that it is boxing training – there is no question that he knows what he is talking about, and he is a very good teacher. He makes you work hard, push yourself in ways you REALLY didn’t know you could (yes, Steve, I’m talking about the skipping, damn the skipping!), but despite the pain and the sound of the blood rushing to your head as you try to remember how to breathe and move at the same time, he manages to make sure that it is still fun. Very relatively speaking.

The best thing about Steve is that he takes you seriously – listens to what it is you want to achieve and, so long as (I assume) it’s not ridiculous, he will set about working with you to try to help you achieve it – but, despite obviously being fitter than any human being really needs to be, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Honey Onile-Ere

“I always found the thought of training daunting. I procrastinated for years before setting foot into a gym. After 1 ½ years of training with Steve, I have come to love it. Steve is an experienced and exceptional personal trainer but as importantly, he is a very caring person. He has found the way to ease me into a regular and rigorous training routine.

He has a way of pushing my limits without being aggressive about it. I have improved greatly and I can feel and see the difference. I had back and shoulder problems and they disappeared along the way. My body is more toned and my muscles better defined. Steve has paid attention to my changing sets of goals and tailored my program accordingly. His only shortcoming is not being able to make me taller!

Sylvie Chantel

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